Crawfish Season



When people ask “WHEN IS CRAWFISH SEASON?” they are referring to a time of the year when crawfish are:

  •  Big enough to enjoy in a crawfish boil
  •  Cheap enough to afford
  •  Readily available.

Generally, the crawfish season in Louisiana runs from mid-January through early-July for crawfish caught in the wild, with  the peak months being March, April and May. Crawfish from farms are available over a longer period of the year


Blue crabs are caught year-round from all five Gulf states, with peak harvest times in the warm summer and fall months. Blue crabs are named for their blue-tinted shells and claws. Male blue crabs have vibrantly blue claw tips, whereas females’ claws are red at their tips.


Brown shrimp are found year-round in all the Gulf states and are especially abundant in Texas and Louisiana. Brown shrimp have a firm texture and strong flavor. Brown shrimp are found along the Gulf’s nutrient-rich bottom floors, where they mostly rest during the day and swim around at night. Brown shrimp can grow up to 9.5 inches long, and their most unique feature is the large groove on their backside. Brown shrimp are darker in color than other shrimp species and sometimes have specks of green or red on their tails.

White shrimp are available year-round, with a peak season from May through September. This shrimp species is prized for its tender texture and mild, sweet flavor. The Gulf supplies about 90% of the white shrimp harvested in the US. White shrimp are mostly found in the shallow waters near the coast, and often live alongside groups of brown shrimp. White shrimp can grow up to about 8 inches long, and are light grey in color. Their antennae are longer than most other Gulf shrimp species’.